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Electronics Laboratory

Section E includes the Electronics Laboratory, one of the oldest Laboratories of the Department of Physics. It was initially created for the educational and research support of the postgraduate program "Electronics and Radioelectrology (R/E) which was founded in 1946 and was one of the first Postgraduate Programs in Greece. The intergation of new staff members to the Laboratory in 1991, as well as its further scientific development has led to foundation of the Section of Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications and Control in 2007.

Today, the Electronics Laboratory is equipped with modern educational units and offers laboratory support for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Finally, it provides the necessary equipment for research activities and for the PhD Candidates.

Among others, it supports the following courses:

  • Electronics Ι,
  • Electronics ΙΙ,
  • Introduction to the Telecommunication Systems,

as well as to the postgraduate course

  • Digital and Analog Circuits.