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The Administration of the Interfaculty Postgraduate Studies Program (IPSP) is carried out by the Special Interfaculty Committee (SIC), which is formed by 5 members from the Faculty of Physics and 5 members from the Faculty of Informatics and Telecommunications and serves as a  Special Composition General Assembly. The Chairman of the Committee is elected by its members. Two representatives of the postgraduate students (one from each direction) participate in the Committee as well.

Special Interfaculty Committee

Faculty of Physics:

  • I. Tigelis - Assoc. Professor (Chairman)
  • D. Frantzeskakis - Professor
  • H. Nistazakis - Assoc. Professor
  • D. Reisis - Assoc. Professor
  • A. Tzanakaki - Assist. Professor

Faculty of Informatics and Telecommunications:

  • P. Mathiopoulos - Professor
  • A. Paschalis - Professor
  • D. Syvridis - Professor
  • I. Cotronis - Assoc. Professor
  • E. Hadjiefthimiadis - Assoc. Professor