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Personal Info

Name: Aris Moustakas
Position: Associate Professor
Address: Physics Building 5, 2nd floor
Tel: (00)30 210 727 6775
Fax: (00)30 210 727 6775
e-mail: arislm[at]phys.uoa.gr
URL: http://users.uoa.gr/~arislm/



  • BS Physics, Caltech, USA (1990).
  • PhD Physics, Harvard University, USA (1996).

Research Interests

  • Information Theory applications to Multiple Antenna Communications Systems
  • Random Matrix Theory
  • Game Theory applications to Wireless Networks
  • Statistical Physics of Random Networks



  • Introduction to Programming  
  • Stochastic Signals and Applications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Statistical Physics


  • Special Topics  on Electronics and Telecommunications

Selected Publications

  • P. Mertikopoulos, E. V. Belmega, A. L. Moustakas, S. Lasaulse, “Distributed Learning Policies for Power Allocation in Multiple Access Channels”, IEEE Journal on Sel. Areas in Commun., vol 30, no 1, pp. 96-106, Jan 2012.
  • P. Kazakopoulos and A. L. Moustakas, “Nonlinear Schroedinger equation with random Gaussian input: Distribution of inverse scattering data and eigenvalues”, Phys. Rev. E, vol. 78, no 016603, Jul. 2008.
  • R. R. Muller, D. Guo and A. L. Moustakas, “Vector precoding for wireless MIMO systems and its replica analysis”, IEEE J. Sel. Areas. Comm., vol. 26, no 3, pp. 530-540, Apr. 2008
  • S. H. Simon and A. L. Moustakas, “Crossover from Conserving to Lossy Transport in Circular Random Matrix Ensembles,” Phys. Rev. Letters, vol. 96, no 136805, Apr. 2006.
  • A. L. Moustakas, H. U. Baranger, A. M. Sengupta, L. Balents and S. H. Simon “Communication through Diffusive Media: Coherence and Capacity,” Science, vol. 287, p. 287 (Jan 14, 2000).

Research Programs

  • Newcom # (Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications #), European Commission, 1/11/2012-31/10/2015
  • Thales - CROWN «Optimal Control of Self-organizing Wireless Networks»: NSRF 2007-2013, 1/3/2012-28/2/2015
  • Thales - SWINCOM «Secure Wireless Nonlinear Communications on the physical Layer »: NSRF 2007-2013, 1/3/2012-28/2/2015