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Personal Info

Name: Anna Tzanakaki
Position: Associate Professor
Address: Building 5, 2nd floor, room 30
Tel: (00)30 210 727 6862   
Fax: (00)30 210 727 6801
e-mail: atzanakaki[at]phys.uoa.gr



  • BSc Physics, University of Crete, 1992
  • MSc, The Physics of Laser Communications, Physics Department, University of Essex, UK, 1994
  • PhD, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, University of Essex, UK, 2000

Research Interests

  • Optical communications systems and networks
  • Converged wired and wireless networks
  • Converged Computer and telecommunications networks
  • Design and analysis of high performance networks
  • Energy efficient telecommunications networks



  • Laboratory of Physics ΙII
  • Laboratory of Physics IV
  • Introduction to Telecommunication Systems


  • Communication Networks
  • Special Topics in Electronics and Telecommunications

Selected Publications

  • Anna Tzanakaki et al, “Planning of Dynamic Virtual Optical Cloud Infrastructures: The GEYSERS approach”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Special Issue on “Advances in Network Planning”, January 2014
  • Anna Tzanakaki, Markos P. Anastasopoulos, and Kostas Georgakilas, Dynamic Virtual Optical Networks Supporting Uncertain Traffic Demands, IEEE/OSA J. Opt. Commun. Netw., vol. 5, no. 10, October 2013, Invited
  • Anna Tzanakaki et al, “Virtualization of Heterogeneous Wireless-Optical Network and IT infrastructures in support of Cloud and Mobile Cloud Services, IEEE Communications Magazine, August 2013
  • Anna Tzanakaki et al, “Dimensioning the Future Pan-European Optical Network with Energy Efficiency Considerations”, Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, IEEE/OSA, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 272–280, 2011
  • K. Katrinis and A. Tzanakaki, "On the Dimensioning of WDM Optical Networks with Impairment-aware Regeneration", in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. 19, no. 3, pp 735-746, June 2011

Research Programs

  • CONTENT European Project – CONTENT: Convergence of Wireless Optical Network and IT Resources in support of cloud services, EU project, FP7 ICT, Small or medium scale focused research project (STREP), November 2012 - October 2015
  • GEYSERS European Project – GEYSERS: Generalised Architecture for Infrastructure Services, EU project, FP7 ICT, Integrated Project (IP), January 2010 - December 2013.
  • Lamda User Controlled Infrastructure for European Research (PHOSPHORUS), EU project, IST EU Research Networking Test-beds call, Integrated Project (IP), September 2005-August 2008
  • BONE- Building the Future Optical Network in Europe: The e-Photon/ONe Network, FP7/ICT-2007-1.1 ICT: The network of the future, Network of Excellence (NoE), January 2008 – December 2010