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Personal Info

Name: Konstantinos Aidinis
Position: Associate Professor
Address: Physics Building 5, 2nd floor
Tel: (00)30 210 727 6875
e-mail: caidinis[at]phys.uoa.gr



  • B.Sc., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • M.Sc., Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London
  • M.S.E., Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Imperial College, University of London

Research Interests

  • Devices and Materials in Microelectronics, properties and fabrication processes.
  • Electron and Ion Beam Inteactions with Matter. Applications in the realization of nanostructures.
  • Focused Ion Beams and Sources.
  • Nanodevice Properties. Photoacoustic spectroscopy.
  • Wireless Optical Communications.



  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Microelectronics
  • Optoelectronics and Optical Communications
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Applied Optics
  • General Physics (Faculty of Pharmacy)


  • Digital Transceivers (Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics and Radioelectronics)
  • Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Diploma in Microelectronics)

Selected Publications

  • An advanced epoxy novolac resist for fast high-resolution electron-beam lithography, P. Argitis, I. Raptis, C. J. Aidinis, N. Glezos, M. Baciocchi, J. Everett, M. Hatzakis, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 13(6), (1995)
  • A masking approach for anisotropic silicon wet etching, P. Normand, K. Beltsios, A. Tserepi, K. Aidinis, D. Tsoukalas, C. Cardinaud, Electrochem. Solid St.4 (10), G73 (2001)
  • The temperature dependence of the energy distribution of the beam emitted by an Au82Si18 liquid metal field-ion emitter, Aidinis CJ, Mair GLR, Bischoff L, Londos CA, Akhmadaliev Ch and Ganetsos Th, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 222 (3-4), (2004)
  • Photo-acoustic response of active biological systems, Guskos N, Aidinis K, Papadopoulos GJ, Majszczyk J, Typek J, Rybicki J and Maryniak M, Optical Materials 30 (5), (2008)
  • Integrated medical and safety monitoring system over an in-cabin optical wireless network for avionic applications, D. Marinos, F. Leonidas, N. Vlissidis, C. Giovanis, G. Pagiatakis, K. Aidinis, C., Vassilopoulos, T. Pistner, N. Schmitt, J. Klaue, International Journal of Electronics, 1362-3060, Vol. 98, Issue 2, (2011)

Research Programs

  • Inorganic electron beam lithography for VLSI fabrication, Alvey Research Directorate (1985 - 88)
  • Polymeric media for analogue information storage, BRITE / Advanced Materials Technologies (1990)
  • Fast reticle equipment for Europe, ESPRIT 2 / Microelectronics and Peripherals (1991 - 94)
  • Nanofabrication using chemicaly amplified resists, ESPRIT 4 / Long Term Research – Reactiveness to Industrial Needs (1996 - 2000 )
  • Special Action in Microelectronics for Greece: Hellenic Design and Prototyping Environment Phase II, ESPRIT 2 / Microelectronics and Peripherals (1994-95)
  • Nexustask, Human Capital and Mobility (1995)
  • Development of microelectronic industrial products, Γ.Γ.Ε.Τ. , EΠET II (1995-97)
  • Study of silicon dioxide thin layers, Γ.Γ.Ε.Τ., Π.ΕΝ.Ε.Δ. 96 (1996 – 97)
  • Fabrication and architecture of single electron memories, ESPRIT 4 / Long Term research – Proactiveness (1997- 2000)
  • Development of metal/SiGe/Si heterostructures for the detection of infrared radiation, Γ.Γ.Ε.Τ., Π.ΕΝ.Ε.Δ. 99EΔ612 (1999-01)
  • Application of Ion Beams in Materials Research (AIM), FZR Rossendorf, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, Large Scale Facility, End User (1999 - 2003)
  • Advanced Technologies for Networking in Avionic Applications, 6th Framework: Specific Targeted Research / Innovation (9/2004 – 6/2007)
  • Mid-Term Networking Technologies In-Flight and Rig Validation for Avionic Applications, 6th Framework: Specific Targeted Research / Innovation (7/2007-7/2010)

Programs funded by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Special Account for Research Grants:

  • Development of models and procedures for the simulation of mesoscopic electronic devices/systems based on single electron tunneling (2000)
  • Application of the Finite Element Method in the calculation of quantization phenomena in structures of arbitrary geometry (2001) 
  • Study of the ion source electrical characteristics in a focused ion beam system. Application to the realization of nanostructures (2002) 
  • Application of electron beam lithography in the fabrication of nanometer sized structures (2005)
  • Application of the electron beam induced current in the study of semiconductors and electronic devices (2006) 
  • Realization of an optical wireless link based on OFDM modulation (2008)