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Section E supports the direction "Electronics-Computers-Telecommunications-Control" of the Undergraduate Program of the Department of Physics. Furthermore, the members of the Department participate in several core courses, selective courses, as well as courses offered to other Faculties. 

In detail, the undergraduate courses supported by the members of the Department are:

Core Courses:

Computers Ι (Υ015)

Electronics I (Υ051)

Basic Physics Laboratory IV (Υ0343)

Core Laboratory I (Υ0356)

Core Laboratory II (Υ0367)

Statistical Physics Ι (Y0355)

Direction Courses:

Electronics ΙΙ (with Lab) (Υ3201)

Computer Science ΙΙ (with Lab) (Υ3202)

Signals and Systems (with Lab) (Υ3205)

Introduction to Telecommunication Systems (with Lab) (E3204)

Automatic Control Systems (Ε3202)

Computer Systems (Ε3207)

Microelectronics (Ε3203)

Optoelectronics and Optical Communications (E3201)

Free Selection Courses:

Stochastic Processes in Physics (Ε3911)

Optics and Applications (Ε3910)

Physics of Semiconductors (Ε3508)

Courses offered to other Faculties:

Faculty of Chemistry: Physics I (1st semester)