Section of Electronic Physics and Systems (Section E)


Welcome to the website of the Section of Electronic Physics and Systems (Section E).

The Section E of the Department of Physics was established/founded in 2007 after the split of the Section of Applied Physics. Main areas of interest of Section E are the Physics of Electronics and applications, the Theory and Applications of Telecommunications, Computers, Automatic Control systems and the Physics of Information. These areas are of great research interest, as they lead the latest technological advancements.

The academic staff of Section E contributes to the education of the students of the Department of Physics, and provide specialization in these areas through the respective direction of the curriculum, as well as through the postgraduate programs it supports.

Section E includes the Laboratory of Electronics, one of the oldest laboratories of the Department of Physics, which provides the required educational and laboratory infrastructure in core courses and selection courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 


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