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Section E performs research in areas such as Physics of Electronics and Applications, Theory and Applications of Telecommunications, Physics of Information, Computers, as well as Systems of Automatic Control. All these areas are of high interest worldwide and lead the modern technological advances.

In particular, research interests of Department E include the following:

  • Electronic Circuits
    •  Analysis / Synthesis of Analog and Digital Circuits
     RF Applications / Electroacoustics
  • Physics of Semiconductors - Microelectronics
     Processes / Design
      Structures / Nanostructures  
  • Electromagnetism
    Antennas / Propagation
    Theory and Applications of Microwaves  
  • Optics
      Optoelectronics / Photonics
     Optical Communications
  • Telecommunications
      Natural Level - Systems
  • Signals - Multimedia
      Signal Processing
      System Recognition
  • Automatic Control
      Classical and Multivariable Control
    •  Complex Automatic Control Systems and Graphs
  • Computers
    •  Algorithms / Software
    •  Parallel Systems / Real-time Systems
      Physics of Information
  • Non-linear Systems and Chaos